More donations via social media!

Your posts. Your website.

Thanks4Giving is the first social donation tool. Spread your content on social media and lead people directly to your website without any detours. Your website is easily optimized for Google search without additional effort. No further programming is needed in order to integrate our fundraising tool on your website. Create a seamless donation experience: simple, transparent and direct. Fundraising, social media and Google search engine optimization in one tool meant to increase your reach organically!


The donation tool for social media!

Enhancement of reach through social media
Search engine optimization for your website
Donations via social media in one tool
New and long-term donor relationships

Building reach with your content!

Use social media to reach more and especially new potential donors with your content. Make it easier and more attractive for target groups to donate on various platforms and further use your content to engage with new target groups. With traditional donation tools, the success depends on the impulse of targeted people. With Thanks4Giving you link the content directly to the donation and overcome possible limitations faster.

Your website becomes a blog combined with your fundraising page!

Our donation tool easily adapts to your CI. Content is then shared via social media and linked back to your website.

Include widgets and donation appeals on your website and motivate with a reward system to increase donor loyalty in the long run.

Demography of donations

While older donors like to be kept in the loop via email or are happy to make a traditional wire transfer, younger generations will prefer to track your engagement online. You can reach them via social media. And Thanks4Giving is the perfect tool for just that.

Thanks4Giving maximizes shareability and increases organization awareness.


What counts:

  • Social Sharing - who does good, can share the good!
  • Fast, well-functioning technology
  • Seriousness and credibility of the offers
  • Security - all used payment systems are secure
  • Data protection is important to us! - All Data remains in Europe
  • Direct money tranfers to your account

Build your donation community!

Monthly subscriptions become easier than ever with the tool's social features!

The tool's reward system lead to strong engagement with your project and the organization. Effective and transparent subscription models allow donors to support your project on a regular basis. Moreover, they learn what impact they can cause with their donations.

Who are we?
We are online, social media and IT professionals who expand the fundraising world together with you via social media.
Why us?
Through our social media embedding, you can increase your reach without any marketing budget. Your donors become your voice!
How do we do it?
We provide you with a small program line for your website. Through the backend you can customize the content and each element individually.

Important to know!

Generate reach with social media content!

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Good Content creates reach!

Content is playing an increasingly important part on the web. Google has changed its search algorithm to promote helping content. Through good storytelling, you can achieve significant reach via social media and your website with the help of our tool.

Your community - Your growth!

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No branding - no advertisement!

Thanks4Giving remains entirely in the background. Through our plugin, we do not appear as a brand and donors remain in exclusive contact with your organization. Moreover, they are not exposed to competing projects, as they are on fundraising platforms.

Donating - secure & easy!

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Easy as never before!

Integrate the tool into your website effortlessly. You can receive direct donations as well as recurring ones and offer your supporters a unique donation experience.

Your tool - Your design!

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Your fundraising tool, without any additional IT costs!

Our fundraising tool can easily be adapted to your CI. The tool is embedded in your website, without any additional expenses for development of a complex system.

Increase your donation volume now!

We will be happy to advise you & help you increase your reach!